How Can Insulation Add Value for Builders?

Insulation may be a necessary component of any new build, but many builders feel content to invest the bare minimum required to meet code — or at best, a bit better than that —  on the rationale that so long as insulation is sufficient, it won’t ultimately have much impact on meeting obligations or selling a property.

Today, let’s look at why “good enough” isn’t actually good enough for builders looking to make the most of residential and commercial construction projects, and why saving now won’t just cost the occupants money down the line, but the builders themselves.

Why Should Builders Invest in Insulation?

New Construction Insulation InstallationFor a homeowner or business owner looking at their new home or office being constructed, the argument in favor of a substantial investment in insulation on the front end is obvious: By spending money now on an effective combination of fiberglass batts, spray foam insulation and other materials installed by specialists, they can save money in the long term on energy costs, moisture damage, health problems from poor indoor air quality, noise pollution and simple discomfort from poor climate control.

The arguments for builders are less obvious. Of course, being able to point to a well-insulated project and explain to a buyer that they’re getting all those benefits is increasingly a key component of marketing value, which may be enough even before considering other factors.

Consider too that even buyers or renters of space in a building with great insulation who don’t initially appreciate that investment will notice it all the same; poor insulation causes complaints, callbacks and scrambled adjustments to properties, while great insulation contributes to a strong positive impression through improved comfort.

Poor insulation also opens a property to significant damages and thus significant health and safety risks. While meeting code may be an adequate defense when moisture infiltration causes damage or air infiltration leads to poor health, no builder wants to be in a position to need to lean on such defenses.

Getting It Right from the Start

New Home Insulation InstallationPerhaps the strongest argument in favor of builders investing in insulation on new construction is that investing in insulation on a new build gets more energy efficiency for a property than the same investment as retrofit.

This means there is return permanently lost if the investment is not made during the initial construction of a new build.

It’s more reasonable to invest in a building that hits ENERGY STAR® standards and acquires other qualifications as an energy-efficient property on the front end, which shapes how buyers and renters aware of such things look at properties — and what they think of builders who they perceive as skimping.

How Should Builders Achieve Better Insulation?

Better insulation doesn’t have to be a major hurdle for a builder; in many cases, better insulation on a new build is more a matter of using resources wisely than of throwing more resources at the problem.

By working with specialist insulation contractors, builders can achieve better insulation results without delays or bloated budgets — so long as the right team is selected and materials are used correctly.

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