Signs Your Home Needs Re-Insulation

Insulation being sprayed in a home

No matter what the weather is like outside, good home insulation is key to efficient climate control. In fact, insulation helps with much more than keeping your home cool or warm, and re-insulating an under-insulated home is always a wise home improvement investment.

If you notice any of the following eight signs, your home likely needs re-insulation for optimum comfort, efficiency and economy.

Inconsistent Household Temperatures

Noticeable temperature variations between rooms, or temperatures that fluctuate widely according to weather changes outside, indicate that a home should be re-insulated.

Your Home Is Older

Many older homes were under-insulated to begin with or were insulated with materials that aren’t as good as today’s industry standard. Insulation can also compact over time and become less effective, or get damaged by moisture, mold or pests.


If you’re feeling air movement in a room without a fan, you likely have a gap around a door or window frame letting in a draft from outside. Sealing these gaps with sheet or spray insulation will greatly improve your home’s thermal efficiency.


Insulation not only prevents air leakage but also blocks noise leakage. Good insulation muffles noises from the street, so they don’t disturb you inside, and keeps noises from one room in the house from being clearly heard in others.

High Energy Bills

Gradually rising energy bills may signal that your insulation has become less effective for thermal regulation, forcing you to use more energy on heating and air conditioning to keep your home comfortable.

Your HVAC System Can’t Keep Up

Suppose your home always feels hot in summer or cold in winter, or your air conditioner or heater is constantly running to maintain the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. In that case, you either have a problem with your HVAC system or your home is under-insulated.

Dampness and Humidity

Your HVAC system and insulation should work together to combat the Florida humidity. If the air in your home starts to feel steamy, or your ceilings, walls or floors feel clammy or damp or show signs of condensation, you likely need more insulation in that area.

Mice and Bugs in Your Home

The primary way bugs and mice enter a home is through gaps around doors and window frames. Good insulation will seal these entrances and make pest control manageable.

Choose IBP of West Palm To Re-Insulate Your Home

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of an under-insulated house, you need the insulation experts at Installed Building Products of West Palm.

We can seal a single drafty window, protect a poorly insulated attic or re-insulate your entire home —providing as much or as little insulation as needed for your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Call (561) 223-1030, or contact us online and let IBP of West Palm diagnose and address your re-insulation needs. 

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